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Что еще одеть на семейную фотосессию? Часть вторая.

Оригинальный пост на сайте фотографа Grace. Ниже ее текст на английском языке.

Первую часть "Что одеть на семейную фотосессию?" можно посмотреть у меня на сайте , в блоге или  в папке Family look на Pinterest.

are some examples of familes that mixed and matched perfect for their
photoshoot!  A good word of Advise is “you should be able to go eat
dinner after your shoot and not feel the need to change in fear of
looking to matchy”

One of the most frequent questions I am asked after booking a session is “What do we wear!?!?”…I know it can be a daunting task and one that I am glad you are putting time into because it really can set the tone of your pictures. Here are a couple basic questions to ask yourself to get started…

- What location am I shooting at…what is the feel here?

- Where will I be hanging these pictures? (ie: you may stay away from a bright pink tutu if you are planning to order a 30×40 for over your fireplace unless that matches your house)

-What look am I going for?

After you have answered these questions, here are some pointers to get you going..then off to the stores (or internet you go!) Think textures, patterns and layers…boots, scarves, layered shirts, patterned socks and tights, hats and headband flowers, kneck ties…all of these really bring so much to a photograph. Even if you are planning on sticking with a more basic color, you can still do textures and layering. If you are doing a family shoot start with the kids and I usually find that matching the parents comes easy. Jeans and a button down for dad with the sleeves rolled a bit is always a great look that can go with a variety of choices for the kids. For our family, I usually start with Adi (my 7 year old girl) because girls have so many patterns and designs to work with and then I work my boys around her. Keep in mind that the colors do not have to match exactly but simply go together…Below are samples I pulled together with my cuties in mind. All of these items can be found online or at North Park in Dallas at just a few quick stops. Crewcuts (Jcrew for kids) is hands down my favorite shop…Peek is just down the isle and there are a couple Gap pieces mixed in. Nordstroms is a great place to stop at for shoes and online you can not beat Zappos for the best boots for girls!!
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